Th400 Sensor Bracket PN: 50011

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Most of the newer Ecu Stand Alone Computers out there are becoming more and more powerful and can accomplish almost any function you can think of.
Why do you need this you ask? You can create functions in the ecu based off Transmission Pressures and Temperature plus so much more. Will Fit any 1/8NPT sensor and fittings.
Drive Pressure
Converter Pressure / Dump
Reverse Pressure
Temperature In / Out Cooler
Pan Temp
Converter Temp
and more......

This bracket is made with 316 Stainless and fits perfectly on a Reid case and many more with same mounting positions as show in the pictures above. 

NOTE: Cast TH400 pans that have Allen Cap Bolt indentions in the pan use a Lock washer between the bracket and pan.

• 316 Stainless TH400 Bracket w/ 1/8th NPT welded couplers

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