LDM-MAG-HALL-5/16-NO-NP Speed Sensor PN: 1525160

Sale price$79.00


5/16"-24 hall effect speed sensor.


  • Triggered by magnets (Not ferrous material)
  • 5/16"x24 body
  • Built in LED light for easy setup
  • Nickel plated
  • Detection range 0.1MM to 10MM
  • Flush mount
  • Supply voltage 10V-30V
  • Short circuited/reverse protection built in.
  • Working temperature -13F to 176F
  • IP67 rated (water proof)
  • Normally open signal 
  • Max switching frequency 1000HZ 



Brown = power supply (10-30VDC)

Blue = Clean ground

Black = Signal wire  (Outputs 0V) to data logger. 






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