Deutsch DT-12-KIT. DT06-12S / DT04-12P PN:35562

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Kit includes. 

  • 1-Receptacle
  • 1-Plug
  • 2-Wedgelocks Male & Female
  • Size 16 Solid Nickel Female Sockets/Terminals
  • Size 16 Solid Nickel Male Pins/Terminals
Series: DT Series
Material: Thermoplastic
Operating Temperature: -67°F (-55°C) to +257°F (+125°C)
IP Rating: IP67
Color: Gray
Shape: Rectangular
Cavities: 12
Insulation: .088"-.145"
Wire Gauge: 16-20 AWG

Contact Size:

Current Rating: 13 Amps Continuous

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