Right Handed 5 Port Remote Sensor Mount w/ Vacuum Manifold PN: 50001

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5 port remote sensor manifold

*Starting on the right side*   The first (2) ports are common'd together with the end port being tied to the intake manifold. This will be used for the map sensor, fuel pressure regulator, blow off valve and anything else that needs a vacuum reference.

*Starting on the left side* The first (3) positions are isolated left to right. This allows a pressure sensor to be mounted in the top port and pressure can be plumbed from the back or below. 

Ports are 1/8" NPT 

Main vacuum port on end is 1/4" NPT. (Plumbed to intake manifold). 

*Includes (10) internal hex 1/8" NPT plugs

*Includes rubber isolation mounts and M6 socket head cap screws. 

***Pneumatic fittings sold separately***

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